About Us

About Lollipops

The smiling face of a child captures the mood of the time, the desire of the moment, the thrill of a split second and the boundless happiness of life. A child’s innocence and vulnerability are a treat to one’s eyes as well as soul and so the heart-warming recognition, “The Lollipops”.

If we are taught everything, we will learn nothing.
Life by necessity is a "Do-it- yourself" project.

K.D.M.A is the mother’s lap to the toddlers who leave for some time the warmth and love of their family and come into still warmer and affectionate surroundings. From receiving them at the school gate, ushering them to their colourful classrooms to bidding them good bye, teachers do their utmost to maintain that infectious smile on their cherubic faces.

Let's learn .................... with fun

Fun, excitement and complete ease prepares the ground for basic learning. Teachers grasp the nerve of every kid under them and, eventually according to individual needs, instil in them the rubrics of simpler and final basics in education.

Then enhancement .................... our mission

Tiny tots are the oysters of ability. To shape up, polish them and give them a forward drive is the aim of the teachers. Their holding the pencil and forming articulate letters and figures to blurting some words in English are worth appreciating. Day to day activities are planned out to develop them with aplomb. Table-Manners which usually takes a backseat is given due importance. Their overall development is frequently assessed by heads of the school.

Smart and Sturdy

This idea runs through each faculty member and so they work incessantly towards planning and implementing good food habits among children. A food chart is prepared advising the parents to provide them possible nourishment. Drills and exercises are a part of regular curriculum. Physical activities like rope climbing, playing in sand, riding the tricycle, mountain climbing, motor skills and meditation help them grow both healthy and strong. Frequent medical check-ups provide the required directions to parents as well as teachers. Therefore, the faculty stays on its toes round the clock, toiling day and night to bring the best to them, that the world has in store.

Fostering Personality Development

At K.D.M.A it is believed that teaching kids one plus one is not enough. They should be taught moral and ethical values and above all venerating our cultural heritage Anniversaries of great social reformers are celebrated along with other important days to give kids an insight into their lives. Festivals are celebrated in more significance. A morning assembly by students with folded hands and closed eyes, remembering the Almighty by reciting “Gayatri Mantra” is worth admiring.

Stimulating Activities and Mesmerizing performances

To keep the tiny tots active and agile all through the year various activities are organized. These activities are usually monthly but sometimes fortnightly keeping the children agile, amused and energetic all through the year. The Tiny Tots look vibrant and enthusiastic on the D -Days and this sees the purpose. Their appearing on stage, performing their role, facing the arc light and the audience with gusto is the essence of all efforts.

Throughout the ages, Indian culture has been famous, a torch bearer for other cultures and even different civilizations. Only education is not enough for all round development of children. They also need different extra-curricular activities to develop their faculties and also their perfect personality. So, we in our Lollipop section keep our tiny tots engaged in activities, that not only entertain them, but also teach them various things.

Drawing, painting, craft work are the regular activities for them every day so that they can play with colours and learn by doing all these. se regular activities we have Washer man day, Helpers day, Toy day, Fruits day, Health S’ Hygiene week so that they become aware of our Helping Hands like Postman, Milkman, Doctor, Teachers, Ayaji etc.

We inculcate moral values in our tiny tots by organizing Grand Parents Day where the Dadu & Dadi, Nanu S’ Nani walk and sing in tune with the children.

The feeling of Patriotism is developed in our little but brave hearts by teaching them the importance of National Festivals and our Tricolour.

Computer, The Magic Machine of the 21st Century forms an integral part of the learning process at KDMA. Seeing the little ones perched on stools and working on the key board with their magical hands is a pleasurable sight.

Festivals are a part of our culture. To make our children aware of our rich heritage and feel proud to be an Indian is the sole aim of KDMA. We want that our little ones should develop into a balanced personality so that they are able to face the challenges of the world.

We here at KDMA try to give that confidence to our students which enables them to voice their thoughts independently and with panache.

As friends and companions, as teachers and preachers, as teasers and amusers, books are always with us and are always ready to cater to our wants.

  • A Home away from Home.

    Viewed from the "Little Angels" eyes
    ‘The Lollipops’ is a warm mother’s lap where your heartthrob is nurtured in a child friendly environment. It is fabricated in a way that incites and stimulates the smallest of minds.
  • I Learn by doing

    A child's curiosity has to be dealt with in a delicate manner.
    The scientific curriculum of ‘The Lollipops’ is based on the individual’s need ann potential, giving them maximum exposure through integrated and comprehensive learning techniques.
  • Cultivation of Key values of Life

    Our primary duty as educators is to develop an inner core of peace and a profound respect for nature.
    Thus, inculcating ethical and moral principles in the children is of utmost importance as it woruld help in creating a just society even on a global canvas, in the long run.
  • Karam Devi Memorial Academy is the dream made true of my Grandmother Dadi Maa Karam Devi Ji. The academy has acquired an important place and status of its own in the educational field in the city. It is moving with new educational thoughts and ideas and has introduced the latest educational technology. The clock tower of the school can be seen for miles around and beckons one to this centre of learning. There is a colour television set and a computer in each class room with the latest software. This enhances the teaching quality and helps in learning.

    It is affiliated to the CBSE Board. It started in April 2003 and today it is up to class XII. The school has now one more feather added to its cap by introducing a new pre-primary set up ‘The Lollipops’ at 1 MalikPuram, Govind Nagar, Kanpur on 23 Feb. 2009. It is a place where a dream comes true for every child who wishes to different, extraordinary and wonder working and set an example for others all over U.P. where the child when comes will never say no to studies.

    Bearing in mind your natural concern and aspirations, we started with KDMA, a place providing everything you imagined and even more we have worked rigorously and devotedly in the past years to live up to your expectations and have succeeded too. It is said that the sky’s the limit, we know that there are billions of worlds beyond that, It is that vision that we bear and hope to make our children have the same point of view.

    Our primary motto has always been to nurture our students in an optimized loving environment, infusing human values and building strength that builds a man of reckoning. The children at school are provided quality learning, challenging expectations and consistent guidance and mentoring. This is to be achieved by providing an environment full of diverse activities with the main thrust on academics. Sport, Debate, music, dance, singing, computers, adventure, electronics, hobbies, painting, public speaking are some of the plethora of activities that we expose our children to.

    We aspire to produce extraordinary individuals with all the skills and qualities that make them out standing citizens with global perspective and Indian thoughts, Love and care are taught through respect for juniors and the weak Creativity in any form is encouraged and recognized.